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UI/UX design course

Live classes during evening hours
5 months, 3 times per week
Up to 15 students per class
Course materials and classes are in English

Our graduates work in 700+ companies worldwide

Your future skillset

Trainee / Junior UI/UX designer
Portfolio with three big projects
In-depth knowledge of Figma (and auto layouts, components and variants)
Information architecture creation experience
UX research experience
Competitive analysis experience
CJM and user flow creation experience
Sketching, wireframing and prototyping skills
Strong understanding of composition, visual hierarchy, typography, and color
UI Kit creation experience
Understanding of Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Maze design basics
Interactive prototyping experience
Presentation experience, ability to explain projects and ideas
Understanding of the IOS and Android development guidelines applied to the development of IOS and Android app design
Example of projects

Build a job-ready portfolio like our graduates

In just 5 months, you will be fully equipped to start a career in UI/UX design. To give an idea of what you’ll achieve, here’s our graduate’s first-hand experience. Meet Assiia and her portfolio presentation. Now she’s ready for real-world projects — and so will you!
Приклади проєктів

А ось так може виглядати твій майбутній проєкт

Фактично, стандартною “рибою” аж з XVI сторіччя, коли невідомий друкар взяв шрифтову гранку та склав на ній підбірку зразків шрифтів. “Риба” не тільки успішно пережила п’ять століть, але й прижилася в електронному верстуванні, залишаючись по суті незмінною.
Technologies and software you will add to your toolbox
Find out more about career in UI/UX design
Get a comprehensive guide on what working in UI/UX design is like
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Вибач, це технічна помилка. Спробуй ще раз!


32 hours
13 topics
First lesson. Get to know everyone
Course introduction. UI/UX Profession. Types of websites
IT basics
Figma. Introduction. External link access. Project comments. Frames. Plugins
Figma. Working with shapes
Figma. Boolean operations. Vector. Outline Stroke
Figma. Pen & Pencil. Recreating an illustration
Figma. The Text tool. Working with styles. Raster. Photo editing
Figma. Masks. Effects. Styles
Figma. Auto layout
Figma. Components
Figma. Variants
Figma. Interactive prototype pt. 1. Microinteractions
UX Design
34 hours
13 topics
Design thinking basics. UX design process
Types of websites
Working with a brief. Designer's interview with a client
Mind Mapping and Ideation. Information Architecture
Competitive Analysis. References. Mood board
User research: in-depth interviews, surveys, card sorting
UX persona and empathy maps
Customer journey map
User flow
Website elements. Sketching
Wireframing and prototyping
Web analytics and A/B testing
User research: in-depth interviews, surveys, card sorting
Accessibility in design
UX persona and empathy maps
UI Design
40 hours
13 topics
Composition basics
Visual hierarchy
Modular grids
Responsive design
UI kit
Design system
Interactive prototype. Part 2
Landing Page
Optimizing design files and developer handoff
Mobile application design
18 hours
6 topics
The basics of mobile application design
Designing for Apple. IOS guidelines
Visual style and splash screen creation. Part 1
Creating screens for a mobile application. Part 2
Designing for Android. Material design
Preparing the application for the App store and Google play
Final project
26 hours
10 topics
Brief and competitive analysis
Information architecture and website structure
User flow/CJM
Creating personas/empathy maps
UI kit
UI of the home page
UI of the other pages
Responsive design
Personal Brand and portfolio
14 hours
5 topics
CV. LinkedIn. Interviews
Project on Behance and mockups for Dribble
Preparing a portfolio
Project presentation
Photoshop (independent study)
14 hours
5 classes for independent study
Workspace. Brushes. Blending modes
"Select and Mask" tools. Color adjustments
Work with Eraser and Polygonal Lasso tools to cut and adjust contours
Using the Healing Brush, Patch, Clone Stamp, and Layer Masking tools
Creating an advertising banner for social networks. Color Blend mode
Bonus: AI skills for a future-proof career
14 hours
6 topics
What is AI?
○ Why AI is important?
○ What does AI mean, and how does it work?
○ What AI can and cannot do?
Useful tools and use-cases: Deepl, ChatGPT, Bard, Grammarly,, Adobe Firefly, Photoshop,
How to use AI to find the job that suits you
○ Job boards with AI elements
○ Improving your resume and CV
○ Examples of effective CV and cover letters
○ Preparing for an interview
Useful AI tools to finding a right job: Bard та ChatGPT, Kickresume,,, Jobscan, Yoodli,, Interview Warmup,
Additional articles to help expand and deepen the topic (articles, videos, and free courses)
AI Dos and don’ts
Bonus. Career counselling
2-hours meeting with a professional recruiter
4-hours self-studying of theoretical materials
Create a competitive CV and cover letter and get a personal feedback on them from a professional recruiter
Prepare for typical interview questions and hidden pitfalls
Craft a top-notch LinkedIn profile
Discover where to find cool vacancies and how to apply for them

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We will contact you within one working day and answer all your questions
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Upcoming group’s teacher in March

Antonia Massara
Tour operator → UX designer
Mikaela Söhnchen
Self-employed consultant → UX-Lead
Pavlo Bondarchuk
Shop assistant → Scrum master
Natálie Baranová
Administrative Assistant → Junior QA Manual
Antonio Lupu
Student → React Native Developer (Internship)
Nawara H. Hagentoft
Publishing field → UX writer
Olena Dolhusha
Philologist → Project Manager

Our graduates’ stories

Beetroot Academy students prove it is possible to launch a new career in under a year, but getting started can be the hardest. Get inspired by the stories of our graduates and begin your own journey today.
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Discount for full payment
-25% тільки до 3 січня
Or monthly price
5 payments
164 hours
Classes with the teacher
210+ hours
theoretical and homework
Electronic certificate with confirmation
3 projects for portfolio after the course

Як ми навчаємо

Ми надаємо більше, ніж просто якісну освіту. Beetroot Academy підтримує своїх студентів на кожному етапі. Ось як:
Перевернутий клас
Вивчай теорію вдома та зосередься на практиці на заняттях.
Живі заняття
Навчайся в Zoom з експертом галузі — до 18 студентів у класі та у вечірній час.
Отримай необхідну допомогу, щоб розпочати нову кар’єру.
Навчайся в командах під керівництвом викладача як тімліда.
Отримай інструменти та знання, необхідні для першої співбесіди.
Глобальна спільнота
Стань частиною екосистеми Beetroot. Це випускники, ІТ-компанії та партнери по всьому світу.

How we teach

In the 9 years of our work, over 12,000 students have trusted the Academy and joined 700+ companies worldwide after completing our courses. But not only numbers speak of our services. We're honored to be accredited by Almega, a European organization acknowledging education providers. We meet the Swedish quality standards for adult education, and here's what we offer:
Живі заняття з викладачем
Ти вивчатимеш теорію в зручний для себе час в нашій LMS, а на онлайн-уроках сфокусуєшся на отриманні практичних навичок під наглядом експерта в галузі
Кар’єрне консультування з професійним рекрутером
Ти створиш резюме, супровідний лист і профіль в LinkedIn. Досвідчений рекрутер їх перегляне та порадить, що покращити аби отримати роботу мрії.
Програма створена senior-експертами
Наші курси створює та оновлює група senior фахівців-практиків, які поза роботою викладають в Академії. Завдяки цьому наша програма завжди відповідає вимогам ринку.
Затишна спільнота на заняттях
Оскільки ми навчаємо в невеликих групах до 18 осіб, ти навчишся працювати в команді. Допомагай, отримуй допомогу та відточуй софт-навички з перших днів навчання.
Підтримка координатора групи
Твій координатор буде поруч впродовж всього курсу й допоможе з мотивацією та організаційними питаннями. Так твоя освіта буде максимально комфортною й ефективною.
Live classes with a teacher
Study theory in our LMS anytime and focus on practice during live classes led by an industry expert.
Career coaching with a professional recruiter
Create a CV, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile. An experienced recruiter will review them and advise you on what to improve to get your dream job.
Course curriculum from senior experts
Our courses are created and updated by a group of senior specialists who also teach at the Academy outside of work. They ensure our program always meets the market requirements.
Cozy community in the classroom
We teach in small groups of up to 15 people, so you’ll add teamwork to your skillset, too. Help others, get help yourself, and build your soft skills from day one of studying.
Support of the group coordinator
Your coordinator will have your back throughout the course and will help you stay motivated and organized. Their goal is to make your education as comfortable and effective as possible.

Your tech career starts here

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I'm a complete beginner and have zero design experience, is this course suitable for me?
Absolutely, this course is tailored for tech beginners with no prior experience. To start your journey, you'll need the proficiency of a competent PC user, a clear understanding of the profession that interests you, and most importantly, a strong drive to learn and excel in the tech field. Your dedication during your studies will be crucial, ensuring that you engage in learning and completing assigned tasks.
Will I have a portfolio after the course?
During the course, you will create three large projects for your portfolio:In two modules:
- UX and UI, you'll design a desktop and responsive version of an e-commerce project, complete with an interactive prototype. Two project briefs will be offered for selection.
- For the mobile application module, you'll handle the full UX and UI aspects, encompassing an interactive prototype of the mobile application. Two project briefs will again be available for your pick.
- For the final project module, you'll craft a personalized project of your choice, making it the crown jewel of your portfolio.
Do you help with employment?
We do not guarantee 100% employment, but we do everything we can to increase your chances of getting a job. We provide career counseling, where you will learn how to create an effective CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. A professional recruiter will review your work and provide feedback on how to improve it. Moreover, our curriculum is developed by senior authors who also teach and see in practice what junior specialists need to get a job.

Learn more about what we do to make sure your education ends with a job offer on our website.
Where can I find testimonials about the Academy?
Explore our graduates' reviews on popular feedback platforms like Course Report and Trustpilot. Also, find out more about their experience on our website.
How do you keep your courses relevant?
To ensure our courses remain up-to-date and relevant to the ever-evolving tech industry, we update our curriculum on a regular basis.We also employ industry experts as instructors, ensuring that our students receive the latest insights and tools from professionals who are actively shaping the tech landscape. In addition to our internal updates, we also actively seek feedback from our students and teachers.
Will I receive a certificate of completion?
Yes, your digital certificate will look like this. Our graduates add certificates to LinkedIn and other social networks to verify their skills. But most importantly, you will gain practical knowledge directly from a middle+ level specialist, create a portfolio, improve your soft skills by working side by side with other students, and prepare your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile for job search in a new field.

UI/UX design online course

Course description

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers are the key players in shaping the digital world we interact with. They are responsible for creating intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing designs that enhance the overall user experience of websites and applications. If you're passionate about crafting engaging digital products and want to build a career in UX/UI design, our course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to start your journey.

During the course, you will:

- Get acquainted with Figma, the essential design tool, and become well-versed in its features
- Understand the principles of UX, identify user behavior, and conduct effective research
- Create visually appealing and user-friendly designs with appropriate colors, fonts, and layoutDesign both a website and a mobile application, showcasing your expertise across platforms
- Build a strong portfolio with three personally created projects and learn how to craft a compelling CV and cover letter

Requirements for students

- Clearly defined goals and motivation for taking the course
- Ability to allocate ~20 hours per week for studying
- Sufficient English proficiency to read theoretical materials
- Effective internet search skills to find and extract the main points from information online
- Ability to assess the accuracy and relevance of information from online sources
- Basic proficiency in using a computer, including Task Manager and Zoom installation

Why UI/UX design?

- Design is the most creative field in IT
- Demand for designers is high, as most projects require design input or a dedicated team to create compelling user experiences
- Design offers endless possibilities for specialization and growth, with diverse areas such as product design, UX/CX research, and full-stack design to explore