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Landing a UX writer job by combining learned skills at a UI/UX course with previous work experience: an example of our graduate

A graduate of a UI/UX course shares her experience of how she combined her learned skills with her previous work experience to land a UX writer job. Nawara, a writer with a background in tech, wanted to make a career shift and explore the field of UX design. She enrolled in a course to learn the ropes and was fascinated by the UX thinking process. Despite the challenges of finding a UX design job, Nawara's writing skills proved to be a secret weapon, and she landed a UX writing job that blends her design knowledge with her passion for writing.

A writer with a tech background who wanted a new step in her career

Before entering the tech, I dedicated more than seven years to working in publishing and communication. I enjoyed writing, yet I decided it was right about time to take on a new challenge, and a career shift seemed to be an intriguing change. I didn’t need to think much about the field I wanted to pursue. At work, I touched upon design for social media and PR materials. Additionally, my company had already deployed some UX thinking methods in the brainstorming section at that time. 

I was fascinated by the UX thinking process, as it helped me to break down big, daunting tasks into smaller and achievable ones. So, I decided I wanted to explore the topic more and study design. I already had a background in tech, as that was my master’s degree topic. As I actively searched for the course, my colleague recommended Beetroot Academy. It happened that she also studied UI/UX design there and was completely happy with it. 

I wanted a live course and real classmates, so Beetroot Academy was the right choice

One of my biggest requests was a live course. There are a ton of pre-recorded lessons with no mentorship or task-checking on the web. I wanted to have “real” classmates (even if they were online), a group, and a teacher. I was looking for live classes as it is a place to ask questions, practice, and gain experience. And Beetroot Academy offers that, which is its huge advantage. The Academy’s website also played a role in choosing a place to study. It is thought out and well-designed, with a clear and intuitive flow. It made me trust the brand and become sure of the choice.

Finding a job as a UX designer wasn’t easy, so I changed the direction a little

It took me up to four months to find a job in UX design, as it was my primary goal. The main challenge was to fit in – there are already a lot of great UX designers out there, and when you are only starting out, it’s really difficult to stand out from other candidates. When I started to look for a job, I aimed only for the role of a UX designer.

I realized that what I should do is think about my personal experience and try to match it with my current knowledge and skill set to make it special. In my previous job, I liked the writing part a lot, so I decided to concentrate more on this particular part. As it came out later, UX writing really suited me the most. So I changed my direction, specified the role I was looking for and that was the turning point. Now, I am a UX writer at Nexer Group. With my professional skills relying upon UX design knowledge and writing and communication experience, I create content for social media or marketing tools. 

Veronika Yakubova
Content creator at Beetroot Academy
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