Become a Python developer

Start your IT career with the language used by Instagram and NASA

Python for beginners

This simple and easy-to-learn language will help you master the basics of programming and will start your way into the world of IT.  


Python is an interpreted programming language. You write a program as a text, run it and see the result. There are libraries for applications and games, and a clear syntax.

We will teach you the programming base and work with frameworks. In practice, you will be creating a game, a web-application, and will learn how to work with APIs. We'll also be looking at opportunities to earn money when working as a developer-for-hire on freelancer platforms. Eventually, you'll be able to use your knowledge beyond development. Python will help make working with Microsoft Excel (or competitor alternatives) easier. Python also enables you to write plugins for Adobe Photoshop. So think of Python like medical college: we will help you master the basics, and then you move onwards for a specialization on your own accord. Our practical lessons and video material are in English.

What will you get?
  • Python
  • programming basics
  • OOP
  • API
  • libraries
  • games

Why Python?

  • This language has been and is still used by companies like: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, NASA, Red Hat, IBM, Dropbox, Pinterest and Quora;
  • A developer’s work time is expensive. With Python you will code faster;
  • Using Python, it's possible to create a game or application prototype quickly. This is important to see if an idea works;
  • If you start learning to code with Python, it opens up to exploring machine learning, big data, back-end development, DevOps and system administration

Theory (video)

16 hours


100 hours

English lessons

32 hours

Career guidance

8 hours

What you’ll learn

module 1
Python basics, data structures, functions, conditional statements, loops, and I/O

1. Python - first steps

2. Variables and simple data types

3. Booleans and conditionals

4. Creating a simple console application

5. Lists, tuples, and sets

6. Loops and iterations

7. Dictionaries and comprehensions

8. Functions

9. Files I/O

module 2
Python OOP + Unit Testing

1. Classes, Scope, and Namespaces

2. Inheritance

3. Polymorphism

4. Functions as first-class objects

5. Decorators

6. Property decorators and recap

7. Iterators and generators

8. Unit testing

module 3
Python project - creating a game and packaging for distribution

1. Modules

2. Standard library

3. Recursion

4. Data structures

5. Algorithm basics pt. I

6. Algorithm basics pt. II

7. Exceptions

module 4
Python project - creating a game and packaging for distribution

1. Practice - Version control

2. Introduction to PyGame

3. Creating a game pt. I - Walkthrough with refactoring and git

4. Creating a game pt. II

module 5
Concurrency, Networking, and web access

1. Threads

2. Networking

3. Creating a chat - practice and walkthrough

4. Regular expressions

5. Accessing the web

6. Introducing API’s

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70% employment rate
70% employment rate

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Learn based on real market needs

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The full package

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