Знайомся ближче з project management в IT
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Тобі знадобиться лише 6 годин, щоб зрозуміти, чи проджект-менеджмент — це твоє. Обери свою майбутню кар’єру в ІТ зважено!
Єєє давай зробимо це!
Вибач, це технічна помилка. Спробуй ще раз!
Beginner level

Project management in IT

• Live classes during evening hours
• 4 months, 2 times per week
• Up to 15 students per class
• Course materials and classes are in English
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You can code on a project, or you can manage it. You don't have to start your IT career with development. Our project management course will teach you to organize teamwork, maintain documentation, and manage projects using Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum principles.

Who is this course for?

You’re starting or switching a career
Project management is your cup of tea, and tech projects are an even brighter horizon for you.
You’re a manager in a different field
You have experience in classical project or team management, and you’re looking to explore some methodologies and techniques applied in tech.
You’re already in another IT profession
Project management in IT would supplement your promotion and career advancements or help you get along with project managers at your workplace. 

What will your CV look like?

Trainee / Junior Project manager
Compensation from:
€ 3000,00
Professional skills:
• Core management skills:
- planning tasks and timelines (WBS, Roadmap, Gantt);
- budgeting (PERT);
- risk assessment;
- identification and management of stakeholders;
- prioritization, distribution and control of tasks;
- meetings facilitation;
- organizing processes for the team.
• Basic knowledge of the tech industry about:- back- and front-end; CI/CD, deployment process;- GIT, client-server architecture, databases, and APIs.
• Deep understanding and skills of working with Scrum principles: artifacts, team roles, events, backlog, planning metrics and charts;
• Confident soft skills for working with the team and clients: - one-on-one meetings, conflict management; - providing feedback, delegating tasks.
• Skills in gathering requirements and writing tasks in the format of user stories with AC's, use cases, BPNM, and UML;
• Understanding the application of PM methodologies to specific projects;
• Basic skills of working with Jira and Confluence;


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General knowledge about project management and IT
8 hours
4 topics
Project management knowledge areas
14 hours
7 topics
Agile methodologies
20 hours
10 topics
PM's tech skills. Preparing for a new job
10 hours
5 topics
Soft skills for working withcustomers
16 hours
8 topics

Our teachers

All teachers pass multiple interviews to ensure aligning values, as well as impeccable soft and technical skills. The final step is a demo class where they teach a topic to other teachers.

Our team of methodologists supports and trains them continuously. This is the place where industry experts become great teachers.

The learning process

We use the flipped classroom, which means you study theory on your own and practice it in class with the teacher’s guidance and classmates’ support.
50 hours+
Before every live class, you will get access to an expertly crafted set of theoretical resources (videos, external links, and terminology). In class, your teacher will explain anything you may have found difficult during preparation.
Live classes
68 hours
In live classes, you will have homework discussions with your teacher, complete practical assignments, and work on group and individual projects.
50 hours+
Our home assignments give you a way to apply your new skills. Your teacher will check it and provide you with feedback about its accuracy and room for improvement.
But there’s more!
Aside from providing industry-leading education, we ensure that you receive meaningful support from student success managers and peers.
Like-minded students
We strive to ensure alignment in our students’ determination and values. We find this to an absolutely essential for an optimal learning experience.
Student success managers
Every group has a dedicated manager who will make sure that your course goes as planned. Think of them as your new best friend who can answer any questions you may have.
Community access
After graduating, you’ll join our extended family and become part of the alumni network. You'll have access to news, events, job opportunities, and many other perks.

Career support

We'll assist you with writing your first CV, make sure you nail your interviews, and help you navigate the job market. Our goal is to get you started in the tech industry, not just pass a course.

Beetroot Academy in a nutshell

We provide far more than just industry-leading education. Beetroot Academy’s approach makes career switches smooth and seamless. Here’s how:

Flipped classroom

Study theory at home and focus on practice in live classes, where you’ll be guided by one of our expert teachers.

Live classes

Join our Zoom classes led by industry expert — up to 15 students per class, during evening hours.


Get the help you need to break into your new career. We provide our students with meaningful support and career guidance.

Soft skills

Go beyond the technical stuff. Our approach emulates a real tech working environment, where our students work in groups, guided by a team lead.


Landing a job in tech can be tough — but we’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to nail your first interview.

Global community

Get access to the Beetroot Ecosystem that comprises thousands of alumni, a big development company, and a wide network of partners.

Admission process

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Step 1
Entry test
Take the test and help us assess your level of readiness to join our course. The test is beginner-level and will take around 20 minutes.
Step 2
Online meeting
Meet one of our educational advisors to ask your questions about the course and see if we’re a good fit.
Step 3
Only after you have your questions answered make the payment to secure your seat in the next group. You can pay for the full course to get a discount or pay in installments.
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Course fee

We are here to provide you the flexibility to help you start a new career. Pay in one transfer to get a discount or in four monthly instalments.
Monthly payment
4 monthly payments
for full payment
68 hours
Classes with the teacher
100+ hours
theoretical and homework
Electronic certificate with confirmation
Portfolio of work after the course
Course fee
We are here to provide you the flexibility to help you start a new career. Pay in one transfer to get a discount or in four monthly instalments.
Monthly payment
Special price for Moldova 🇲🇩
4 monthly payments
for full payment
70 hours
Classes with the teacher
100+ hours
theoretical and homework
Electronic certificate with confirmation
Portfolio of work after the course


Will I have a portfolio after the course?
Will I be able to become a Scrum master after the course?
Is the curriculum sufficient for employment?
Do you record the classes and will all the materials still be available after graduation?
What do I need to know to join your course?

Your tech career starts here

You’re clicks away from embarking on an exciting and life-changing path.
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