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From recruiting to design: how persistence and a proactive approach lead to a new job in design

Before coming to design, I was building a career in recruiting. After changing jobs several times, I realized I was tired of my current profession, so I decided to try design. And I loved it! I was choosing between the best academies on the market and actively researching reviews on Google. Beetroot Academy was recommended by its alumni, and then I decided to start a new path and enrolled in the course. After a year of searching, I became a Junior UI/UX designer at Nerdysoft.

Another job change showed me that I was tired of recruiting

Before I became a designer, I built a career in recruiting. However, another job change proved that I was tired of what I was doing now. Recruiting is interesting, but I decided to try something new when I felt it didn't fire me up. Despite my fear of starting a career from scratch, I picked design because it seemed promising.

I was determined to find the best place to study, and I settled on Beetroot Academy. The decision was influenced by positive reviews on Google, as well as feedback from the academy's alumni, whom I wrote to on LinkedIn asking them to share their experiences. 

My graduation project got me hired for my current job

I remember my time at the Academy with great warmth. Here, I gained basic, thorough knowledge, the foundation for further development in the field. Many of my classmates have already found jobs, and we still keep in touch occasionally and share our experiences. I was also fortunate to have a teacher who set an example for me in sharing feedback, which is a valuable skill for my future work.

What I liked most about the program was the team project, where we made a Behance case. By the way, thanks to it, I later found my current job. But, of course, there were also difficulties. The teamwork required advanced soft skills in communication because we had to learn to negotiate and find common solutions to make the final project of a decent level. It was also valuable to acquire skills in Figma, the primary technical tool of a designer. These skills are an integral part of my work now.

The Academy supported and helped me even after graduation

It took me a year to find a job. I can't say it was easy – I was demotivated by the number of responses to one vacancy and the overall market situation. However, since I was part of the alumni community, I was able to participate in many of the Academy's initiatives that helped me develop myself as a specialist and candidate. For example, participation in the mentoring program is one of the crucial steps in my successful job search. My mentor helped me set goals and achieve them.

Thanks to the Academy, I also improved my resume and learned how to write cover letters to make my CV stand out. I also found a non-profit project in the alumni chat that I joined. Participation in such projects is an excellent option for beginners to gain experience and expand their portfolio. In fact, at the interview for my current job, I showed two of my works: the final team project from the course and the non-profit. All the knowledge I gained during and after my studies helped me to get the coveted job offer. So now I work as a Junior UI/UX Designer at Nerdysoft.

My story shows how, despite all the difficulties, you must keep moving toward your vocation. For those who are starting out, I advise you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Academy:

  • Attend events.
  • Actively meet new people.
  • Participate in mentoring programs.
  • Implement non-profit projects.

All this will give you the most crucial practical experience and skills you will need in your new job.

Veronika Yakubova
Content creator at Beetroot Academy
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