How to get ready for studying Phyton development at Beetroot Academy

Why do beginners choose Python as their first programming language? Because of its simplicity and flexibility. In addition, Google, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Reddit, and Instagram all use Python. If you want to work in IT with this programming language, read these self-study materials and apply to Beetroot Academy.

If you are interested in one of the most popular programming languages – but you're new to web development, we recommend reading out post What does a Python developer do? An introduction to the profession. You will learn what Python is used for and what the advantages of this language are. After that, you can take a short free crash course in the basics of Python from Google.

How to use Python is written in detail in the article How to Use Python: Your First Steps by RealPython. You will learn how to download and install Python on your PC, as well as get acquainted with the syntax of this programming language and coding tools, understand what code style is, and how to handle errors.

Next, you can learn the basics of Python with the help of a series of tutorials from This dynamic course has 15 lessons you can take at your own pace. 

And so that your motivation does not fade, pay attention to these articles:

  • How to Learn Python The Easy Way (And Not the Way I Did). The author talks about his attempts to learn this programming language and shares his conclusions about the reasons for his failures. He also provides recommendations on how to make learning Python easier.
  • 11 Beginner Tips for Learning Python Programming. The article advises on how to improve your own discipline, namely: code regularly, be active in looking for mistakes, as well as how to surround yourself with motivating people, and make your own contribution to the development of the Python programming language.

Since many of the materials are in English, we recommend you improve your English if necessary. To do this, you can read our blog post. It will tell you where to learn English best.

If you like to search and study information about your chosen profession on your own, you can use our tips for effective work with various sources.

How to search for information correctly:

To learn how to process information efficiently, read the article Reading Strategies – Reading Efficiently by Reading Intelligently.

And finally, we share helpful keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.

We hope you will quickly master the recommended materials and join Beetroot Academy. Studying with us means gaining knowledge from industry experts in live classes, becoming part of a large alumni community, and finally starting your career.

Yevheniia Stentsel
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