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Beetroot Academy covers adaptability (and what the updated AI module has to do with it)

Adaptability is one of the best skills to master for a successful career in any field. According to a LinkedIn study, it is currently the most crucial skill employers are looking for. You might ask, what does the updated AI module have to do with it? Let us tell you more.

What we are going to cover:

  1. Has everyone heard that we will not be replaced by AI but by those who use it?
  2. What does the updated AI module look like?
  3. Project Management 
  4. UI/UX Design
  5. Front-end development
  6. QA Manual
  7. Python
  8. How can you find out more about the module?

Has everyone heard that we will not be replaced by AI but by those who use it?

The quote is somewhat overused, but it perfectly captures the matter's essence. As a newcomer, you're facing a new field, and it seems as if the development of artificial intelligence is a direct threat to your chosen profession. However, we advise you to look at it differently because the potential of AI is best used to speed up your tasks and improve your results. 

This is what adaptation is when you adjust to the changes that are inevitable in a fast-moving field like IT. At Beetroot Academy, we understand how important it is to master new approaches and techniques, and we have created a bonus module on AI. This way, you will not only master the profession of a designer or developer at the Junior level, but you will also have the skills to use AI tools to find a job (you can read more about this here) and optimize your typical work tasks. 

What does the updated AI module look like?

The first part of the course is devoted to a general introduction to artificial intelligence and tips on how to use it in your job search. In the second half, you will find videos from Beetroot Academy teachers with examples of how to incorporate AI into your workflow, a selection of tools, and tips on how to use them. You will also learn the risks and limitations of using AI in your industry. 

To go even deeper into the topic, we have prepared a selection of materials that will cover artificial intelligence in general and specifically in your career field. And to ensure that knowledge turns into skills, the module also includes practical tasks. Let's see what this module looks like for each of the courses. 

Project management

Project managers, who are already engaged in optimizing their work, are probably the first to implement AI in their workflow. After all, AI tools will help increase project success and improve decision-making processes.

Our teacher, Liana Solkaryan, a Senior Project Manager with more than 12 years of experience, will help you define the role of AI in project management and introduce you to current trends and successful cases of implementing AI tools. She will discuss the use cases and strategies for implementing AI in your work and warn you about the limitations and risks of using AI.

UI/UX Design

Modern UI/UX designers must understand how AI transforms user experience and can help create prototypes, mockups, and presentations. 

Our speaker Dara Fedorishyn, Design Lead at Nerdysoft and Academy lecturer, will reveal the potential of artificial intelligence for product and UI/UX designers, introduce you to interesting tools and services, and point out the challenges that await you when using AI. 

Front-end development 

Front-end developers should consider using AI to break up their routines and devote themselves to more interesting projects. As AI makes writing code easier and faster, it can become a powerful ally in their day-to-day tasks. 

Our teacher, senior Full-Stack Developer Oleksandr Ordynskyi, will explain how to implement AI tools into your workflow and why, no matter how good AI is at coding, it cannot replace real developers. He will also introduce you to the latest AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Copilot, and show how they affect the development process.  

QA Manual

In the field of quality assurance, AI should also be perceived not as a rival but rather as an ally to whom you should delegate small tasks. In this case, your strengths and knowledge will be focused on solving more interesting and meaningful projects. 

With Playtica's QA Technical Lead, Yevheniia Herman, you will learn how to apply artificial intelligence at different stages of a tester's work, how to implement tools in your workflow, and the risks of AI-based testing.


Whether you want to optimize your development process or improve your backend systems, artificial intelligence can help. In addition, using AI can help you maintain documentation much more efficiently, freeing up even more time for exciting tasks.

Victoria Dvornik, Senior Data Scientist at N-ix, and our teacher will give you a detailed overview of chatbots, discuss the limitations of using AI in the work of backend developers, and teach you how to create the right processes to get accurate answers. 

How can you find out more about this module?

At Beetroot Academy, we believe it is essential that your studies at our courses are a high-quality preparation for getting your dream job in your chosen field. We understand that more than knowledge on the relevant topic is needed to get a job today, so we designed the program to help you acquire the necessary skills, including adaptability, readiness for change, and mastery of AI tools.

Our Educational Advisors will tell you more about the tools we will focus on for each profession, the skills you will acquire after the AI module, studying in general, and your future profession. You can book a free consultation anytime and get answers to all your questions. We look forward to seeing you at Beetroot Academy, where we will help you start a new career in IT!

Veronika Yakubova
Content creator at Beetroot Academy