New module for successful job search using AI in every course

As an Academy, we aim to help you learn a new profession and provide you with everything you need to find your first job successfully. To do this, we already offer career counseling, which helps to write a resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews, and create a LinkedIn profile. We do everything we can to help our alumni find jobs after graduation - and now we offer a new bonus module on using AI tools to facilitate the job search process!

Why did we add this module?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly penetrating all areas of our lives, and the employment sector is no exception. Many tools and platforms use AI to help candidates in their job search, from browsing job openings to writing resumes and preparing for interviews. We explain these tools and how they can help you find a job in our bonus module for each course.

What’s inside?

  • Creating a resume and cover letter with AI

We show you how to use AI tools to write a structured resume and a convincing cover letter. We also teach you how to specify the correct request and check the results to ensure that the created documents reflect your personality. 

  • Video with a detailed overview of the tools

We demonstrate examples of various services in action and share tips and tricks for using them.

  • Additional materials for study

The topic of AI is still actively developing, so we offer additional articles and videos that will dive even deeper into the world of artificial intelligence and how you can use it to find a job.

  • Practice!

We advise you to consolidate any theoretical knowledge in practice. That's why you will have separate tasks in which you will not only master the AI tools discussed above but also create a resume and cover letter to send to employers and prepare for an interview for your dream job. 

We want our students to find their dream jobs successfully, and we do our best to help them do so. However, this path starts with simply wanting to change your life, find new career prospects, and do something exciting and rewarding. The tech field is diverse, so to help you decide what you want to do, we invite you to our free self-study course, Intro to Tech Careers. And as soon as you decide on the direction, we are waiting for you at the Academy!

Veronika Yakubova
Content creator at Beetroot Academy