To test or not to test: discover your QA superpower

July 7, 2022
19:00 CET
Quality assurance always stays on the blind side of development, but is vital for any product. QA engineers don't need to write code — they check it instead! Join our free webinar to discover if QA fits you and what you can achieve by choosing this career path.

Curiosity, critical thinking, high communication skills, ability to be in the shoes of your customers and guarantee the perfect user experience  —  these skills not only define a good QA engineer but also give them a vast growth potential. 

Our speaker, Yevgenia German, QA manual course teacher at Beetroot Academy, will share her career path from studying to Tech QA Lead and tell all you need to know about testing:

🔸  What is Quality Assurance and why it is so important in our everyday lives

🔸  What soft skills fit well for a QA engineer role

🔸 Growth opportunities for QA engineers: selecting a specific area (web, mobile, security, and others), moving into management, development, or becoming a product owner

Moreover, we will have some practice on testing code and fixing bugs together.

QA manual

You will acquire the necessary knowledge about the QA profession with us.

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