What is C#? Why is it cool? Does this programming language fit me?

Programming language C# is considered one of the best. Why? This object-oriented, versatile, and multi-paradigm language is pretty easy to learn. It can be used to perform various tasks, including objectives that span over different industries and professions. Knowing this programming language, you can get a job as a web developer, game developer, mobile app developer, and backend developer.

The origin story of C#

While such languages as Python and PHP have existed for quite a long time, C# is regarded as a young programming language. Danish software engineer Anders Hejlsberg developed it in the year 2000. Today, he still works for Microsoft as the lead architect of C#. Anders Hejlsberg is also known for being the chief architect of Delphi and the original author of Turbo Pascal.

C# was originally named COOL, whereby the acronym stood for “C-like object-oriented language”. Alas, Microsoft could not hang onto this “cool name” because of trademark law.

C# is pronounced, “see sharp”. The name was taken from the musical notation, whereby a sharp symbol points that the written note should be played a semitone higher. The “sharp” suffix has been used by several other .NET languages that are editions of present languages, including J#, A#, and the functional programming language F#.

The base syntax of the C# is similar to C-style languages such as C, C++, and Java. This programming language most directly represents the underlying Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).

Does C# fit me?

If you plan to create apps for the Microsoft platform, you should definitely learn C#. The developers favor this language for being easy to use and well-designed. Also, it is often recommended programming language to use when creating games through the Unity Game engine.

C# used for:

  • Website development. It allows you to create dynamic websites on the .NET platform or open-source software.
  • Windows applications. Being created by Microsoft, the most used case for this language is developing programs and applications specific to the Microsoft platform's architecture.
  • Game development. C# integrates easily with the Unity engine. It can be used on any modern mobile device or console thanks to cross-platform.

A list of programs and applications written in C# includes Microsoft Visual Studio, Paint.NET, Windows Installer XML, Open Dental, FlashDevelop, KeePass, NMath, Pinta, Banshee, OpenRA.

Why should I learn C#?

Here are a few reasons to work with this particular programming language:

  • C# is readable, simple, and easy to use. Readable and compact code is extremely valuable for optimizing modern team-based software development.
  • C# runs on .NET runtime, which is solid and well-engineered.
  • It can save you time because this language was developed to make it easy to build powerful tools on top of it.
  • Programming language C# is scalable and easy to maintain. It is an open-source language and is led by Microsoft.
  • There’s a large C# developers’ community where you can go to ask, answer, or brainstorm.

The future looks bright for C# because of its popularity, versatility, and existing creations. If you want to have a solid foundation to become a master developer, you should learn this “cool” programming language.

Yevheniia Stentsel
Beetroot Academy blog author