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The newly updated QA manual course is out now

As long as there are developers who create digital products, the need for those who test them and find bugs will not disappear. We are talking about testers. To ensure that our course graduates can meet the latest requirements for QA engineers, we invited a group of our teachers — senior practicing testers — to analyze the curriculum and materials following the realities of the IT market in 2023. Here's what we came up with.

Before we move on to the updates, this two-month course is aimed at beginners in testing. All future students require is motivation, digital literacy, and 18+ hours per week to study. 

The authors carefully analyzed the program and suggested changes based on their experience teaching in previous cohorts and student feedback. This has been implemented in the following updates. 

QA manual course guide 

The course has a concise summary with the essential theory for each lesson. It goes hand in hand with many recommended reading articles and homework assignments that involve independent work and practice with the teacher.

Three levels of homework difficulty

Each homework assignment has two levels, depending on your engagement in the course. 75% of the course assignments have a third level for those who have completed the first two. All completed homework must be documented in Google Docs so that at the end of the course, during the lesson on Git and GitHub, you can upload it to your Git page and present it to future employers. 

New lessons and materials

We've added new lessons to broaden the horizons of beginner testers, including:

  • Git and work with the command line.
  • Estimation. The practice of creating test documentation.
  • Overview of test design techniques.

We also added a new topic, "Introduction to IT. Companies and projects", in the lesson "What is testing and why is it important?". In the lesson "Test Rail and TestLink test control systems", we replaced the topic of TestLink with Azure DevOps. And in the lesson "Automated Testing Fundamentals", we work with Selenium as a browser extension. We added a subtopic about Pairwise in the lesson "Practice the Black-Box test design technique". We've also updated all the links to relevant articles in QA manual. 

Enrollment for the updated QA manual course is now open. So, register here if you want to start your career as a QA engineer after two months of intensive training led by an industry expert.

Daria Diadenko
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