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Орієнтуємо у виборі, підтримуємо на кожному етапі та допомагаємо з пошуком першої роботи. Твоя кар’єра в ІТ починається тут!

MBA skills to the point.
Pareto School x Beetroot Academy

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We share Swedish roots and a passion to bring career changes fast with practice and real-life case studies.
Pareto School nurtures true leaders — Beetroot Academy’s executives can attest to that from their own experience.
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Mini-MBA program
Experts from Spotify, Revolut, and more
Live classes with peers
8 weeks
In English

Who is Pareto MBA for?

Leaders and managers
You are a specialist in tech, sales, marketing or similar who has or is aspiring for a leadeship role.
Business owners
You are running a small or medium-sized business as owner or CEO but lack formal skills.
Business developers
You want a better set of tools for developing businesses that you work with as an external advisor.
Curious professionals
You want to grow in your role by learning about modern business models and industries.

The Pareto MBA Experience

They have condensed a traditional MBA curriculum into an 8-week cohort program with microlearning, spaced repetition and exercises.

Meet Jens Bäckbom

Jens is a venture capital investor and former Fund manager at Almi Invest, a state-owned venture capital firm in Sweden. He has a dual degree in Engineering Physics and Finance, founded his first company in 1997 and has started 10+ companies since, three of which have been sold. He has also written a book on common misjudgements and biases.

Meet Mathias Eklöf

Mathias Eklöf is the founder and CEO of Hype Ventures, an impact investment company with 10+ portfolio companies across the world. He has an MSc degree from the Stockholm School of Economics and a track record of successful entrepreneurship with multiple exits under his belt. Mathias is passionate about creating value and solving problems with technology.
In addition to Jens and Mathias, you will learn from accomplished business leaders and experts from leading growth companies through 30+ case studies, including:
Emma Ekdahl
Head of Sales Storykit
Christer Fåhraeus
Founder EQL Pharma
Marcus Gners
Founder Lifesum​
Sophie Hedestad
CEO Ex-Netigate​
Anders Larsson
Founder Netlight
Hanna Johansson
CMO Ex-Revolut​
Johan Söör
CEO First Camp
Jonas Axelsson
Tech Recruitment Ex-Spotify​
The Pareto MBA curriculum

Learn strategy, management, marketing and finance from 30+ real-world case studies during 8 weeks.

Led by entrepreneurs Jens Bäckbom and Mathias Eklöf, their 8-week live online program delivers a diploma upon completion. To match your schedule, their learning method lets you study independently for 3-4 hours weekly, then join live sessions with teachers and peers for a deeper understanding. It's a flexible and effective blend of self-paced and collaborative learning.
Week 1
Basic Business Skills and Tools
Key concepts, business language, business tools, competitive advantage
Week 2
Business Opportunities and Strategy
Evaluate business opportunities, compare business models, vision, strategy
Week 3
Marketing and Sales
Go-to-market strategy,  niches, customer segments, branding, positioning
Week 4
Growth and Hiring
Growth, lead a growing organization, hire for key roles, scalability, unit economics, finance growth
Week 5
Leadership and Culture
Self-leadership, lead team, communication, company culture
Week 6
Management and Operations
Organization, operations, KPIs, prioritize, delegate
Week 7
Adversity and Change
Deal with tough times both personally and as an organization, change management
Week 8
Finance, M&A and Returns
Buying and selling companies (M&A), valuation, types of deals, acquisition process
“Hear hear - I recommend everyone who wants to learn more hands-on business skills to apply for the next cohort.”
Nyamko Sabuni
Former Minister of Integration of Sweden
“Fantastic set-up, on point and with an incredibly lovely group! 👏🤗”
Sofia P.
Head of Sales
“Big thanks to the brilliant founders of Pareto Business School and to my fellow cohort members for an engaging, challenging, and invaluable 8 weeks of learning”
Moa W.
“I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised at how fantastically well managed this approach is and to be able to do it together with some of the industry's most knowledgeable with real cases during the course has been groundbreaking!”
Anton N.
“This course was amazing and I really enjoyed everyone's company! [...] you are amazing mentors and you're building something special here!”
Leo L.
“In addition to boosting general business skills, I have to say that the first cohort of the program is so bright, lovely and interesting. Ping all magic participants, experts & inspirers 💙”
Sofia T.
Venture Builder
“A huge thanks to Jens and Mathias for giving me the opportunity to participate in this really valuable, interesting and relevant course.”
Lana B.
Fintech Sales
“So far the best investment of the year!”
Philip L.
Advertising Professional
“Thanks for an exciting journey during the program! Your passion and commitment were so obvious 🫶”
Julia P.
PR Professional

Will you break free and become a specialist leader with a holistic edge?

The Pareto MBA gives you everything you need to succeed in your career
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