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Beetroot Tech Education Fundraiser

Help a Ukrainian refugee start a new career in tech

Photo: BBC
13 million Ukrainian lives disrupted

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a massive humanitarian crisis.

⚬ More than 13 million people fled their homes, with over 3,5 million who had to leave Ukraine.

⚬ Most are women and young people who lost their jobs; many have children and sometimes elderly family members to care for.

Fundraising for tech education scholarships

⚬ Beetroot Academy and Ioco Arma Nostra are raising funds to provide tech education scholarships for Ukrainian refugees, IDPs, and people affected by the war, prioritizing people with families.

⚬ Our goal is to raise funds for 1000+ Ukrainians to provide scholarship for their tech education.

⚬ If you have any questions, please write us at
How can you join this initiative?
Every donation counts. We will provide scholarship that covers tech education, career guidance, and employment support efforts to help Ukrainians start a new life.
Share with friends or colleagues at work. Information support is crucial for us.
Teach at Beetroot Academy on a paid part-time basis. If you have 3+ years of experience in tech, please check our vacancies or email our recruitment team:
Employ Ukrainians who successfully graduate one of our tech courses, for your team – or consider setting up internships to provide opportunities for them to gain more professional experience.
How will we help a Ukrainian refugee start a career in tech?
We will create an open call for Ukrainian refugees and IDPs to apply. Applicants will be selected based on a transparent needs assessment system – applicants who are caring for children will be prioritized.
Selected applicants can choose from one of the following tech courses:
  • Front-end development
  • UI/UX design
  • Project management in IT
  • Python development
  • C# development
  • Business analysis
  • QA manual
  • HR generalist in IT
All courses will be conducted 100% remotely from any safe location. Practical lessons will take place in live virtual classrooms after office hours, in groups of 10-15 people guided by industry-leading specialists.
From home, every student can access theoretical material provided via our Learning Management System.
A student is expected to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week.
All students will get access to our alumni community, so that experienced graduates can help their peers by guiding them through their career switch, sharing news and vacancies, and acting as mentors.
On top of that, we provide special training to improve their job search skills, such as CV creation and interviewing. Then we connect them to our extensive network of more than 200 partner companies to assist in making the right connections to find a job in IT/tech.

How to donate

⚬ We are able to accept donations from any country. All donations will go to the Fundraising Foundation loco Arma Nostra to fund the scholarships.

⚬ Funds raised will be used to provide tech education, career guidance, and employment support for Ukrainians affected by war to help them restore their lives by starting a career in tech.


Why careers in tech?

Tech education is one of the most impactful and cost-effective ways to help many Ukrainian people affected by war to restore their lives.

⚬ Tech is the fastest growing industry globally, especially in Ukraine where it accounted for 4% of GDP, and employing 300 000 Ukrainians in 2021.

⚬ Demand for tech specialists is record high – some estimates show that by 2030 there will be a global deficit of 85 million tech workers.

⚬ Since 2014 Beetroot Academy has helped 7000 people start a career in tech, out of which 50% are women, and 11% war affected people and other socially vulnerable groups.

Why Beetroot Academy?
We are Beetroot Academy, a Swedish-Ukrainian social enterprise on a mission to help people have great careers in the digital economy. Our purpose revolves around providing practical tech education, taught by industry professionals in various high-in-demand specializations, combined with meaningful career support and industry networking.

For this fundraising campaign, we have partnered with the loco Arma Nostra, a Swedish charitable foundation that has helped hundreds of children and families in Ukraine since 2018.

Our journey began in 2014, in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Crimea and Donbas, as a pilot project to use tech education to help Ukrainian IDPs restore their lives and their source of income by starting a career as a tech specialist. This helped us discover the untapped potential of tech education as a tool for helping people affected by war.

Since then, we've provided education to more than 7000 people, of which 50% are women. Thanks to our impact-driven approach, 90% of students graduate successfully, and about 70% of them find a job in the tech industry.

In partnership with organizations such as UNDP, UNFPA, Sida, and USAID, we have provided scholarships for more than 800 victims of war and other socially vulnerable groups.

Our team currently consists of 60 specialists working full time and around 100 teachers ready to offer a high-quality education to our students.

What are our next steps?

⚬ At this point, our number one priority is raising the necessary funds to cover the expenses for as many scholarships as possible. We are reaching out to people, companies, charities, and the public sector for their assistance. 

⚬ In parallel with the fundraising campaign, we are reaching out to Ukrainian communities to collect information about refugees and IDPs, who are looking for support to restart their careers and are willing to pursue this in tech. 

⚬ To help people apply for our scholarships, we’ve created an online form that would allow us to manage applications and prioritize them. Similarly, we call for the help of people and companies who are willing to join us on this mission, by financing tuition for Ukrainians that were forced to lose their jobs and livelihood.

How will we share our progress?

We will provide regular updates about the campaign on our website, such as:
  • Progress on fundraising and the provision of scholarships for Ukrainian refugees, IDPs, and conflict-affected people.
  • Scholarship recipients and updates on their learning experience.
  • Graduation projects of the students will be presented to the public, partners who are willing to employ or offer scholarships will be invited to graduation events.
  • The total number of students who successfully finished the course and graduates who get hired in the tech industry.
  • Once this initiative is completed, a full report on everything that was achieved will be shared with supporters and the public.
We will also invite 10 scholarships recipients to share their life stories, as a student at Beetroot Academy, and finally, as a person working in tech. These stories will be personal portraits of people forced to rebuild their lives from the ground up.  If you have any questions, please write us at

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More than ever, it is essential to help Ukrainians affected by war to rebuild their lives. Tech is the fastest-growing industry in the world. It has already changed thousands of Ukrainian lives in the last ten years and could change one thousands more.