What can you do with Python? Full intro for beginners

August 3, 2022
19:00 CET
One of the most popular programming languages in the world, used by dozens of biggest tech companies. You meet Python more often than you think: when you open Google, Facebook, Spotify or Instagram, Netflix, and Dropbox — they all use this programming language.

During this free webinar, you will discover how widespread Python is, what you can create using it and what abilities to grow the Python developer has. Together with speaker Victoria, software engineer at EPAM Systems and Python development course teacher at Beetroot Academy, you will find out what is Python and what it can be used for in:

🔸 Web development: why do we need a web framework, and which one to        use

🔸 Machine learning

🔸 Scripting

🔸 Data analysis and visualization

🔸 Game development

and some additional Python features!

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We teach you to write simple apps and programs in Python, design from scratch or extend the existing code base, test it, convey some refactoring, and optimizing.

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