Studying at Beetroot Academy: Q&A with graduates

April 7, 2022
19:00 (EET)
Online event
How we teach tech professions from scratch — Beetroot Academy’s alumni answer your questions

Tech is one of the fast-growing world industries that offers life-changing opportunities for people around the globe. With our help, 5000 people have broken into tech since 2014. If you are interested in building a career in tech but still have some doubts and questions — welcome to our free online event and meet our graduates. They will share their experience on studying, teachers, graduation, and further employment.

You will meet:

🔸 Raluca Băceanu (Romania), software engineer an Intive (previously known as Ammeon), Front-end development course graduate.

🔸 Tetiana Polischuk (Ukraine), front-end developer at SoftServe, Front-end development course graduate.

🔸 Roman Povzyk (Ukraine), data analyst at Bini Bambini, Python development course graduate.

🔸 Muzaffer Rende (Poland), Front-end development course graduate.

This event is free after registration. Please, follow this link to register and sign up your questions to our speakers:


We teach you how to make sites. We will explain how a browser works, how to put into practice HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6). Our teachers will explain how to repeat framework steps.

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