How to pass a job interview in English: tips and tricks

December 21, 2022
17:00 CET
Although English is a must to succeed in working for tech companies, passing interviews in a non-native language is still stressful for candidates. Feeling confused and losing self-confidence is familiar to almost everyone who has ever sat in front of the interviewer.

Together with Kate Kubasova, founder of KIT English for IT & COO at 5 Blue Software, we will help you prepare for a job interview in English, demonstrate your most vital skills, and finally, get the job of your dreams.  

Working for 11 years in tech, Kate has conducted more than 500 interviews and will share her experience on the following:

🔸To-do list before the interview and right after

🔸How to overcome stress

🔸Most typical job interview questions in tech companies

🔸Self-presentation: how to describe yourself and talk about your strength and weaknesses

🔸Small talk and top 10 ending phrases

🔸Non-verbal communication

🔸CV rules 

The event is free after registration:

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