How does it feel to be a UI/UX designer and what skills are essential?

July 20, 2022
19:00 CET
Easy to use, friendly interface, visual aesthetics — that is what users usually expect from any digital product. If you have these feelings using mobile applications or websites — be sure, a brilliant work of UI/UX designer is behind that. If you want to be the one who creates great experiences for users — join our free webinar and discover the profession of UI/UX designer.

Our speaker, Oleksandr Diakov, UX designer at Tobii and teacher of the UI/UX design course at Beetroot Academy, will share his experience and answer your questions.

After this workshop, you will get a solid understanding of what it means to be a UX designer. You will discover:

  •    What User Experience Design is (and what it isn’t) and why is it so important
  •    The key factors that affect user experiences
  •    What skills are required for a junior UI/UX designer
  •    What a UX designer’s portfolio consists of and why it is crucial for a bright career path

And finally, we will create a user interface together to see what the work of a UI/UX designer looks like.

The event is free after the registration via the link:

UI/UX design

We will make you sure to have a solid number of apps and websites to back up job applications.

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