Front-end development for beginners: web evolution, languages, and tools

August 10, 2022
19:00 CET
A front-end developer is essential to every team working with the web. He deals with the interface of the product and finds the best way to guarantee an interactive experience for users.

Being a crucial part of every digital product, front-end development remains one of the most popular career paths in tech, while the industry is suffering from significant talent shortage.

If you are interested in front-end development but still eager to discover more about this profession — Oleksandr Ordynski, Head of development at WARM and teacher of the Frond-end development course at Beetroot Academy, will share with you more on our free webinar.

You will find out:

  • What  web development is
  • A short history of the web and web design evolution
  • What is meant by the term front-end and client-side
  • Code editors and development environment
  • What are frameworks and component libraries and how their usage makes front-end development easier
  • Main language and tools for front-end development

And finally, you will get an opportunity to try yourself in coding and receive a roadmap to deep your toes into the profession.

This event is free after the registration via the link


We teach you how to make sites. We will explain how a browser works, how to put into practice HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6). Our teachers will explain how to repeat framework steps.

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