AI as Your Study Buddy: Learn Smarter, Not Harder

November 16, 2023
17:00 (CEST)
Are you ready to revolutionize your learning journey with the power of AI? Join us on November 16th for a free webinar where complex tech concepts become captivating, study plans tailored to your unique interests, and idea pitching is sharpened to perfection.

In our webinar, "AI as Your Study Buddy: Learn Smarter, Not Harder," we're thrilled to introduce you to ChatGPT, your new AI study companion.

Here is what to expect:

- How ChatGPT demystifies advanced concepts, making them accessible and engaging for everyone. 

- Experience tailored educational guidance from ChatGPT, designed to align with your learning targets and curiosity in the tech sphere. 

- Sharpen your idea presentation skills with ChatGPT's feedback, ensuring your tech pitches are clear, compelling, and convincing.

- Step into realistic tech scenarios with ChatGPT, honing your problem-solving and decision-making abilities through immersive role-play.

This event is free after registration. If you have any questions – please leave them in our registration form or keep them till our Q&A session. See you on November 16th, 17:00 CEST! 🙌

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