Ace Your Job Search with AI: Learn How to Use AI Tools to Your Advantage

December 6, 2023
18:00 (UTC+2)
Everyone seems to know how artificial intelligence can help in their work. It can find helpful resources, rewrite a report, and correct code. However, you can use it at the beginning of your job search, and it will become your assistant and ally.

As it can be overwhelming to go through the topic of AI, you are welcome to join our free webinar with Alina Belko, HR Lead at Vira Games, Soft Skills trainer, and teacher at Beetroot Academy. She will tell you how to implement AI into job search, what prompts to use, and what tools can make a difference in how you look for a new job.

You will learn:

🔸 How job boards already use AI to facilitate job search

🔸 How AI tools can help you write resumes and CVs

🔸 How you can organize a mock interview

🔸 How AI can help you create a career plan

Register for the webinar on the Beetroot Academy website and share your opinion during the Q&A and discussion session!

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