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Why our graduate came to study though he already had a job: an example of not changing but improving your career

A designer with a job, enough practical experience, and who is content with his career choice. Why would he need a course? Niklas Wahlberg is a great example of how you don’t need to change your job completely – you can also gradually implement changes into your life. Niklas decided that he lacked an understanding of the end users of the products he created and, in general, wanted to learn more about the design field. So he enrolled in our UI/UX design course, successfully completed it, and returned to his job – as he says, he was happy where he was. Now, he is working on a wider area of projects with clients and partners with different companies to create meaningful design solutions.

I didn’t need a new profession – I wanted to master my old one

Before even thinking about design courses, I was already employed in this sphere. I worked at Berge and later Brickland as a creative producer and 3D artist and was content with my position. I was pretty happy with a full-time job in the sphere I liked. 

However, I wanted to improve my understanding of the topic. I was interested in gaining a deeper comprehension of the design process, especially from the customer's point of view. I needed to know the sense behind the design and how to make it readable for people to understand it. I wanted my design decisions to be not only attractive but meaningful and clear. That’s how I began to think about taking a course on design and how I came to the Academy. 

The course was helpful, even though I’m not a beginner

As you can see, my query was specific enough. I needed insights, practical experience, and a wide range of knowledge to get the answers. And I am pleased to say that I got the help I needed at the Beetroot Academy. My teacher, Alex, managed to conduct the classes according to the curriculum and devote time to our questions and requests. He also shared much of his experience and work insights, which are a valuable part of the education process. 

I have been studying in an international school before, so it was pretty easy to connect with other students. Still, the friendly atmosphere that emerged in our group is worth mentioning. Our teacher was also open to our advice and feedback so I could share some of my work experience. 

I learned to think about other people’s experience

I had my hard times during the course as the UX part was a bit difficult for me. However, I loved the UI part, which helped me understand how to look at the design process from a different perspective. What struck me most was that you must consider user experience a safe place – ask yourself what is comfortable and familiar to your customer. So, I think my studying at the Academy was successful as I got what I wanted. I learned how to analyze the design process and focus on what others will experience while using the app or the website I create. 

Veronika Yakubova
Content creator at Beetroot Academy
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