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Taking a course in summer? 7 tips how to get started and staying motivated

‍Summer is rather about rest, vacation, and relaxation, than studying for a new career in tech. You prefer to hide in the park reading a book or go to the beach, sunbathe and listen to the seagulls. It's quite difficult to tune in to study, right? Especially when your friends ask you to go out. However, you have a strong will to change your career, so let's try to enjoy studying as well as summer. 

Here are some tips to support your motivation

Set a goal

The best way to get motivated is to set a well-thought-out goal. This will help you to keep focused during the course. A good idea is to write your goals down, so you can visualize their accomplishment. Think about the big reasons why you study. How is this course going to help you, your family, word?

Stick to a routine

You can draw up a plan on how to achieve your aim. When you stick to the plan, everything is going right, and you won’t become anxious. So, stick to a routine and don't forget to reward yourself occasionally after your tasks are accomplished. Guilty pleasure, party with friends or a new book —  whatever you want would be nice.

Get organized

Make a schedule and stick to it strictly. Think about how you can simplify your life during studying. For example, set reminders, so you won't miss a lecture or forget to do your homework. Don’t be distracted by instant messengers and social networks while doing your homework. 

Avoid overload

It may seem that if you try to give it one hundred and ten percent every day, then the result will be better. But it's not. You’ll be more focused and productive in studying if you aren’t overloaded. Therefore, try to rationally split the time between study, personal life, work and leisure time so as not to overwork and not sacrifice communication with family and friends. Find time for hobbies, sports, and the like. Don't run yourself ragged!

Say NO to procrastination

To do this, find out what exactly is preventing you from starting the task. Reasons might be:

  • you don't know where to start;
  • you don't believe you can do it;
  • you haven't scheduled time to work on it and so on.

To beat procrastination, sometimes just getting started is enough. And in the process of completing the task, you realize that everything isn’t as hard as it seemed at first.

Organize or change your space

If you don't feel motivated enough, if possible, try to change your space up a bit. Find a place to study where you won’t get distracted. Also, you can choose a picture of what inspires you, then hang it up where you will see it while studying. This could be pictures of your dream home, new car, or whatever else to encourage you to do better.

Eat, sleep, exercise

To stay productive, you need to get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and find time to exercise. Limit junk food in your diet and pay attention to seasonal foods. Summer is the best time to enjoy local in-season foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.In the summer, you can comfortably engage in physical exercise in the fresh air. For example, you can go jogging, walking, do yoga, and so on. By the way, a good idea would be to invite friends. Healthy food plus moderate exercise will help boost your brain capacity and improve your intelligence! And don’t forget that the duration of sleep shouldn’t be less than 6-8 hours.

In fact, summer is a good time to mix business with pleasure. You can take a course and keep your motivation high thanks to the pleasant weather, spend leisure time outdoors and lots of summer fun.

We hope that these 7 tips will help you achieve brilliant results in your studies at the Beetroot Academy this summer.

Yevheniia Stentsel
Beetroot Academy blog author