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Summer and fall internship tech jobs 2022

An internship is your springboard to a career in tech, with many advantages. You get real work experience, gain a valuable learning experience and extend your professional network. It boosts your CV, increases your market value, and helps you transition from temp to full-time work. All these benefits certainly will be helpful in the future in your career.

An internship in Europe: what are the opportunities?

JivyGroup in Moldova is seeking an Intern front-end developer. You will apply skills gained at Beetroot Academy, develop real-world applications, and assess new application ideas.

You can join Picanova as a Project Manager-Intern. EBS Integrator invites an IT Project Manager for an internship.  

You may also join Unifun as Linux Admin - Project Management. You will gain practical knowledge and experience, as well as the opportunity to build a career in an international IT company.

In Romania, Ubisoft invites an intern for the position of Junior Data Engineer. Your duties will include designing, developing, and maintaining the ETL framework, building and enhancing data models and database architecture, analyzing performance bottlenecks, recommending tuning optimizations, and so on. The company is also looking for a Data Warehouse Developer Trainee

IBM has opened several internship positions: 

And NOKIA is looking for a Junior IP Engineer.  The early stage start-up Flixier is looking for a UI/UX Designer. That is a paid internship. The Internship Front-end Developer is available at Thales. You can join Centric as a UI/UX Designer Intern

In Bulgaria, you can find a lot of information technology job internships. Here are some of them:

Pytek is looking for a UI/UX design intern to join its team. 

GAN is seeking a QA Intern. You will organize and execute the testing part of software development.

Brainnest invites Intern/Junior Project Manager on part-time. 

GSK is looking for AI/ML Engineers, Biomedical AI Specialists. You are expected to be able to design and implement state-of-the-art AI/ML models, Deliver robust, tested, and performant code according to AGILE, and keep in touch with experts in biology, medicine, and experimentation.

In Poland, Algolytics invites Data Science specialists for an internship. You will be engaged in machine learning technologies, data modeling, etc.

Sii is looking for an IT Support Specialist. You will be engaged in IT user support, study methods of analysis, and IT infrastructure monitoring. 

Deepsense has launched the Summer Internship Program. You expand your knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning during the three-month program, working with real projects.

Where can I take an internship in the USA?

Many world-famous American companies invite students for internships. Here are just a few of them.

Procter & Gamble is looking for Data Scientist Masters to help the company win with consumers. Over a 3-month internship, you will be using Big Data and advanced analytics to direct the engagement of P&G business leaders. 

Software Engineering Intern is required for the company BOEING. Throughout the course of 10-12 weeks, you will work directly with a mentor in your field of study, interact directly with leaders of Boeing to discuss strategy and the company's future, and build a lasting professional network.  

Intern - Intergovernmental affairs & data science vacancy is available at the United Nations. You will support the General Assembly Affairs Branch of the General Assembly and ECOSOC Affairs Division. Knowledge in data modeling, data management, data mining, or statistical analysis is desirable.

You can also try yourself as a Software Developer Undergrad at Intel. It's a part-time internship for 6 hours/week for 3 months. Responsibilities may be diverse according to a software technical nature. Experience and education requirements vary depending on the peculiarities of the job. 

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. is looking for a Web System Development & Testing Intern. You will prototype and test Cloud automation workflow applications, develop front-end web UI applications for the automated workflow system, deploy the AI engines as microservice on the cloud, support other areas of AI testing, and the like.

Siemens Industry Software Inc. offers you the opportunity to discover your career with a Product Management Internship. You will deal with supporting SW development engineers/architects in various activities, experimenting and prototyping with several ML techniques, developing high-quality testing content, and so on. 

TikTok is looking for a Software Engineer Intern. This is an opportunity for you to join the Cloud Native K8s Engineering team. Here you will work on one of the numerous ground-breaking projects.

UX Research Design Intern is needed at Uber. You will have to conduct qualitative and quantitative research with the Product and Design teams. You will deal with planning and implementing practical research that satisfies business partner objectives and needs. 

And in the summer of 2023, you can take the Deep Learning for Computer Vision internship at Kodiak Robotics, Data Analyst or Data Scientist, Software Engineering and Digital Experience Analyst at General Motors, as well as Research Science Intern, Data Science Intern, and Applied Science Internship - Machine Learning at Services LLC.

Thus, the internship will help you to get: 

  • real work experience and the help of your mentor; 
  • valuable skill set;
  • better chance of working in your desired industry;
  • much-needed self-confidence;
  • decent chance of being hired in.

Choose the internship option which suits you, or take a course at Beetroot Academy to prepare for your first tech job.

Yevheniia Stentsel
Beetroot Academy blog author