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"Our family chooses Beetroot Academy": the path from a saleswoman to a designer who won a scholarship for her husband

Daryna was inspired to start a new career by her brother, who had worked in IT for over 12 years. His wife had completed a course at Beetroot Academy and had considerable experience in this field. So when the question arose of where to study, Daryna chose a school that her family trusted. She is currently working as a UI/UX designer, and the scholarship she won as one of 10 thousand Beetroot Academy graduates she presented to her husband — plus one student in the family.

What was the most challenging thing for you in deciding to become a UI/UX designer?

A leap into the unknown. I had a stable job in a cosmetics store and knew what awaited me. But my brother kept telling me that it wasn't for me and that I deserved better. When I finally decided, I didn't quit right away, and for two months, I was torn between studying and working. But I was so drawn to the lessons that I eventually devoted myself entirely to design and have never regretted my choice.

How did you find a job?

After graduating from the course, I spent more than a year looking for a job, doing freelance work, and working as a manager for a team of IT professionals working on a joint project. Sometimes I helped the guys with layouts or icons. But no matter how many times I sent my resume, I got no response. On the eve of the large-scale war in Ukraine, my brother advised me to contact his company. The answer came at a time when my city was under siege, and employers understood the situation and were willing to wait for me to get in touch. That's how I got an offer for a junior UI/UX designer position.

What advice would you give those just starting in IT?

Improve your English, and don't be afraid to share what you know. For example, for my colleague and mentor Stephen, I have become a breath of fresh air with the knowledge I received at the Academy, and he helps me improve my language and shares his experience.

Grow over yourself, and don't be afraid of mistakes! If something doesn't work out, take it as inspiration. This is an area where you can become better. Don't give up and keep going; take on different projects. Tell everyone about your studies or achievements — networking is key.

Daria Diadenko
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