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Opening our heart: Beetroot Academy Impact Report 2021 is out now

Social impact is at the heart of Beetroot Academy. In this report, you can learn more about who we are, what we do, where we want to go — and even how you can be a part of this journey. Discover our most significant achievements in the introductory overview of the impact report, and download the full version.

Beetroot Academy Impact Report 2021 is our first consolidated social impact report. In this report, you can learn more about the social impact that we have generated through our activities last year, what we did in order to create that impact, and how all of this is connected to our vision for the future.

Our mission is to help people have great careers in the digital economy. That's why our core activity is to provide practical skills training to help them start a career as tech specialists. 

We started with in-person classroom education in Ukraine. Today we operate globally online with live virtual teaching, and we can offer our educational solution to anyone who has the motivation, a computer, and a stable internet connection.

Furthermore, together with our partners, we offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to cover the tuition for students who cannot cover it on their own. This report tells more about our collaborations with international organizations such as Pact, ACTED, UNFPA, and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read life-changing stories from our students to understand more about the power of tech education.

When we started writing this impact report, we could never have imagined the terrible consequences of the Russian invasion in February this year. Up to 13 million Ukrainians have become displaced, and more than 50% lost their jobs. 

Right now, our mission is more critical than ever before. To help Ukrainians restore their lives, we have launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to provide tech education scholarships for at least 1000 Ukrainians to help them start tech careers. 

Download the full version of impact report and find out more about Beetroot Academy.

Daria Diadenko