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More than just study: UI\UX design course graduates presenting their final projects

‍‍Three Swedish students started online studying at Beetroot Academy and working on a real projects that needed help from UI/UX designer. Meet the fruit of their study, inspiring stories about getting a new profession, and insights from the learning process.

I'm a motion designer and 3D artist who decided to find a UI/UX design crash course to learn new things for my profession. Also, I wanted to have lessons in the evening to combine work, family, and study. And my wife found Beetroot Academy. Before, I was in an international school, so I felt the difference and recommend applying for BA. You will always have live classes, a friendly, and open UI/UX designer, and a teacher who will always help you out. Moreover, you will study with people from different countries with various backgrounds. At the end of the course, my classmates and I wanted to share our skills to learn from each other, and our teacher found some extra time for that. 

Find out more about Niklas' project on Behance

I've worked seven years as a manager at airlines in Nigeria until my wife made the first introduction to tech for me. She is a developer and the person who encouraged me to leave my job. First, it was only a hobby, but the COVID-19 lockdown forced me to dig deeper and think or my future in the digital economy. I studied design on my own and practiced, but when I looked at ed my results they were horrible. I truly needed help from industry experts. So I started searching for the courses and found Intro to Tech marathon by Beetroot Academy. The next step was the UI\UX design course. What I enjoined most about learning was feedback from our teacher, an experienced industry expert, so I was always able to improve the skills I was training during the course.

Find out more about Kelvin's project on Behance

I mostly worked in a book and printing business before UI/UX design. I worked for a magazine and sometimes wanted to help them, so they can finish the job fast. So I had some skills already, but not enough to switch careers when I moved to Sweden. I started looking for the courses but the costs were too unfair. I didn't want to pay just for access to the learning materials. Furthermore, I wanted feedback — that’s why I choose Beetroot Academy. After graduation, I found a part-time job for an international company, where I’m working with a big team on a new app. I’m not the fastest one, but I believe this experience will bring me to the next point on my tech career path.

Find out more about Kelvin's project on Behance

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Daria Diadenko
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