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How to get ready for studying front-end development at Beetroot Academy

A great career in front-end development sounds amazing, doesn't it? But it's preceded by a challenging but exciting period of study, first projects, job interviews, and finally, the desired offer. So, if you see your future in the front-end development community, start learning right with this article. Here you will find some helpful materials for self-study.

A specialist in front-end development is usually an attentive to details person with analytical thinking, communicative and capable of working in a team. If this is about you, we advise you to start with the article What a front-end developer should know: basic terms for your glossary and What Is Web Development? From them, you will learn what web development is and what stages it consists of, and what exactly you need to study.

How websites are created is described in the tutorial Getting started with the web. After reading it, you will go from “nothing” to creating your first web page. 

But if you already understand how it works, you can learn HTML and CSS programming languages directly. So these materials will be helpful to you:

Since many of the materials are in English, we recommend you improve your English if necessary. To do this, you can read our blog post. It will tell you where to learn English best.

If you like to search and study information about your chosen profession on your own, you can use our tips for effective work with various sources.

How to search for information correctly:

To learn how to process information efficiently, read the article Reading Strategies – Reading Efficiently by Reading Intelligently.

And finally, we share helpful keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.

The skill of working on learning on your own is essential for an IT professional at any stage of career development, but it's not enough if you're just taking your first steps. At Beetroot Academy, we understand this, which is why our courses are guided by experienced teachers. Students conveniently study the theory at home and improve their skills in live online classes. The learning process is designed in such a way that students feel like they are in a natural technological workspace. This will help you not only master a new profession but also gain specific soft skills that will be useful after employment.

You don't need a technical degree to enter the IT industry. But to enter the Academy, you require a base. And we have taken care of this by collecting valuable materials in one place. So, study these materials and apply for our Front-end development course!

Yevheniia Stentsel
Beetroot Academy blog author
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