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Following our mission: Beetroot Academy impact report 2022 in details

In 2022, the Academy's efforts were focused on helping Ukrainians affected by the war. Our main activities were establishing a foundation, partnerships with international institutions, scholarships for refugees, and participation in a Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine project. Read about our projects and student successes in our new impact report.

In 2014, as Russia occupied Donbas, the story of Beetroot Academy began. Unable to stand aside, we established a school to help those who had lost their jobs to learn new skills for the growing digital economy, allowing them to rebuild their lives and support their families. Following February 24, 2022, we redoubled our efforts.

We took action by supporting Ukrainians affected by the war through a fundraising campaign that enabled over 800 students (and counting) to receive scholarships, says Dmytro Olaresko, CEO of Beetroot Academy

Beetroot Academy differs from the average education provider. As a social enterprise, we primarily focus on creating a lasting social impact. We channel the income
into enhancing our educational programs, ensuring they are accessible to a broader audience. Our commitment goes beyond simply offering courses — we provide a holistic educational approach, which begins long before course enrollment and extends well beyond graduation. We believe in equipping our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the tech industry.

Looking back at all the achievements and impact Beetroot Academy has made throughout 2022, we are reminded of the increasing importance of our mission: “Helping people have great careers in the digital economy.” In these ever-changing times, the digital economy holds the key to resilience and growth for individuals and for Ukraine as a whole.

Now, more than ever, we need partners to join our efforts to ensure everyone has access to the opportunities presented by the digital age. You can join us in making a difference in many ways:

  • Fund scholarships and provide a lifeline for those who lack the means to pursue their dreams. 
  • By contributing your expertise and knowledge, you can teach our students and help shape the next generation of digital professionals. 
  • And as an organization, you can connect with our alums’ community, fueling your growth and success.
Read the full version of our impact report here

Beetroot Academy is only one part of the broader Beetroot ecosystem. Building a tech ecosystem is essential for us to implement our sustainability and social impact values. Discover our joint contribution in the Resilience & Impact 2022 Sustainability Report.

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