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Find your career in IT: 5 free self-study courses

We launched a free self-paced course in the spring of 2022 to lend a helping hand to Ukrainians who found themselves jobless due to the war. Since then, over 10,000 people have tried their hand at tech professions. We gathered their feedback and tailored the program to meet the needs of students and market demands. Here's what we've achieved together.

We’re offering five courses on core IT careers developed by senior specialists from EPAM, SoftServe, GlobalLogic and Proxhet:

Project management in IT

UI/UX design

QA manual

Front-end development

Python development

Self-study courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace at any convenient time. All you require is internet access and a computer.

You can take one course or complete them all in any order you prefer. Each career direction consists of 3 lessons and a knowledge check test, which can all be completed in a single day. They cover the necessary theory and practice explaining the work specifics of developers, testers, designers, and project managers.

What’s new

A career overview lesson. Learn firsthand about what a specialist does, a typical workday, and who this profession suits.

Theory is refined and simplified for easy learning. We'll focus on what's most essential and directly related to the practical assignments, like actual tasks.

Homework has two levels of difficulty. If you finish the easier tasks quickly, some tougher ones will challenge you.

Step-by-step video solutions to homework from the course creators. This way, you can see how an experienced person tackles them or look for hints if you're unsure about what to do at a particular stage.

Knowledge test to check your understanding of the theory. Consider it a marker to find out what becomes more accessible to you.

At the end of the course, there’s a surprise gift to get you started in tech —  €100 discount for any of our regular courses. To access it, complete any course from the first lesson to the final test.

Explore each course in more detail and try out a new career.

Daria Diadenko