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Beetroot Academy launched a fundraising campaign to help Ukrainian refugees start a career in tech

Together with the Swedish fundraising foundation Ioco Arma Nostra, we launched a campaign on the GoFundMe platform to join efforts and provide tech education scholarships to the Ukrainian refugees. Donate and share our fundraising campaign worldwide with your friends, companies, governmental institutions, or investors who might help.

We are a Swedish-Ukrainian tech school, helping people switch into tech since 2014 when the war first started in Donbas. Since then, we trained more than 7 000 students; and 5% of tech specialist in Ukraine in 2021. This fundraiser aims to provide tech education scholarships for 1000+ Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), allowing them to start a new career and secure a stable income to support themselves and their loved ones.

Why is it important to do now? Just take a look at numbers and facts:

  • 10 million people have left their homes. Imagine the population of Sweden leaving their land.
  • More than 3 million have fled Ukraine. Imagine the empty city of Los Angeles.
  • 53% of Ukrainians have lost their jobs already. It's more than the unemployment rate during the Great Depression.
  • Most refugees are women with children and young people who lost everything. 

Donate and share! Post on social media and inspire others to help Ukrainians.

Here is the link

Daria Diadenko