Business Developer in Romania

Beetroot Academy is on a mission to help people have great careers in the Digital Economy. We provide people with practical and intensive tech education, to help them take the next step in their tech career, whether it is their first, or if they are already in the industry.

We are happy to announce our search for a Business Developer, who will work with launching our Academy in Romania, to achieve the goal of becoming one of the most important IT education players on the market in a few years.

The Business Developer will be an intrapreneur who will own full responsibility for our Academy’s success in Romania. You will cover all the stages of a company launch on the market with the end goal of achieving high social impact while maintaining profitability. You have to be well connected in the local IT market, and most importantly understand the shortage of talent and how Beetroot Academy can fulfill it. You will work closely with our strategic and growth teams.

We’re looking for a person with

First of all, we are looking for candidates with a lot of empathy, a non-hierarchical worldview, strong initiative, the ability to drive processes forward, and a belief in the power of education and our mission. Additionally, candidates should also have:

  • Being based in Bucharest or Cluj.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in Business Development.
  • Previous experience in Project Management/Product Development/Strategic coordination role.
  • Previous experience in launching successful projects from scratch.Well-connected with the local IT market, and established contacts with at least some of the most important players.
  • Ability to work effectively both as part of a team and independently.
  • Ability to work on tight deadlines.
  • Able to occasionally work uncomfortable hours and ready to travel through Romania, when necessary.
  • Strong marketing and product skills.
  • Experience public speaker, feels comfortable in business meetings.
  • Fluent Romanian and English skills.


Beetroot Academy is growing fast which means many things are evolving and the exact responsibilities and role of the Business Developer will develop over time as the organization grows and the market needs might change but to start we see the following responsibilities:

  • The Business Developer is fully responsible for Beetroot Academy’s performance in Romania.
  • Perform the needed market research prior to the official launch.
  • Make sure to have a successful launch event which has to be attended by newly established partners, potential students and teachers, and Beetroot team members.
  • Ensure that the first groups of local students will start studying in 4-5 months from your employment.
  • Work closely with the marketing team to launch communication campaigns to reach the needed target audiences in Romania.
  • Collaborate with the product team to make sure we have a product-market fit and that all graduates possess the necessary skills.
  • Establish long-term partnerships with local tech companies to help our graduates get employed in the field.
  • Organize offline and online events to increase our brand awareness.
  • Maintain and monitor launch plans and budgets, and track KPIs.
  • Organize, attend, and participate in stakeholder meetings, document and follow up on important actions and decisions from meetings.


Any of the following qualifications are considered beneficial:

  • Knowledge of Ukrainian and/or Russian languages is a plus.
  • International work experience.
  • Previous experience in the IT and or international development sector.
  • An understanding of the Romanian and global IT education market.
  • You love borscht!