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Get to know the five essential tech careers and figure out which one is right for you. Theory and practice of Project management, UI / UX design, QA manual, Front-end and Python development will help you understand which direction fits you. You will have free access to the course materials, get an idea of each of the five professions, and be able to choose the path of a new career. Study at a time convenient for you and free of charge, with the only purpose — to understand which job to study in-depth.

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This course is for you if you need or want to start a career in tech, but do not yet know which direction to go. Save your time and choose your future profession consciously!

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You choose the time and pace of study. All you need is internet access and a laptop or PC.

There are five modules: Project management, UI / UX design, QA manual, Front-end, and Python development.

Each module contains four lessons. The lesson consists of videos and articles to study the theory and practical exercises with answers.

Important! Homework is foremost an example of day-to-day tasks at your future job. So focus on your feelings while doing them and try to understand whether you like it or not.

You can ask questions and share experiences with others in a student chat on Discord.

There is a coordinator to navigate you through the course.

You can pass each module separately and all modules in turn or any order.

Module 1
Project Management in IT

Starting a career as a developer is not the only way. You can also coordinate the people who create digital products. This project management module will teach you the basics of the profession. Foremost, who are project managers, and what do they do? You will consider such topics as a user story, Scrum and Waterfall methods, project vision, user stories, story points, etc.

Author: Oleh Iatskevich
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Module 2
UI/UX design

UI / UX design is at the intersection of technical and non-technical paths in tech. On the one hand, you have UX skills: briefing the client, research users, create information architecture. On the other hand, you need to know how to use fundamental UI tools to visualize your vision: color theory, visual hierarchy, typography, working with graphic tools, and more. We will consider the features of both – UI and UX – and you will be able to understand the specifics and complexity of the UI / UX designer.

Author: Roman Nityagin
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Module 3
Front-end development

While UI \ UX is visualizing their ideas, we need someone to translate them into a programming language so that everything works and is visible to users. This is what front-end developers do: with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they turn a design into clickable websites, applications, or software. You'll learn the basics of HTML and CSS to help you build your first website.

Author: Alex Kupin
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Module 4
Python development

Perfect! After all these development steps, you have an actual website, application, or software with a friendly interface. But when you register on the site or want to receive letters, they must be stored somewhere and sent somehow, right? Exactly! That's why back-end programming is needed, and among all languages, Python is one of the best options. You will dive into the world of Python programming and understand its basic functions: variables, strings, data types, values, import, and export.

Author: Serhiy Dyachok
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Module 5
QA manual

After a long development, the product is finally ready. But wait! It seems this button does not work correctly, and the whole page is missing. I hope you have already guessed that this QA checks the product in terms of quality. So you will spend this module learning why and how to test digital products and how to make a career out of it.

Author: Iryna Volnykh
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